The magical story of chocolate goes back to years around 1000 BC. Scriptures from historical remnants show that it was Mayas who first discovered this magical taste and started growing. Mayas were followed by Toltecs and Aztecs. These societies named chocolate, which has almost a sacred meaning for them, “cacahualt” that means “the seed which is the honor of God”. This word transformed in time into “chocolate”.

Today, the demand for cocoa is met by cocoa trees grown in tropical zone. Cocoa tree grows very rapidly under favorable soil, temperature and humidity conditions. It starts to bear fruit only within 4 years following plantation. Cocoa fruit resembles melon and it is a 25-30 cm fruit. Chocolate is produced using not the cocoa fruit itself, but its seeds.

Harvesting of cocoa fruit is a very delicate process. Even smallest changes on the body of the fruit can endanger the product. Cocoa fruits are collected one by one by hand, in a very sensitive process. Seeds are taken out by hand and left for fermentation. This is the time for cocoa seed to rest. The longer this period, the more intense the coffee flavor.

The heart of the cocoa processing is roasting stage. If no expertise and technology is used at this stage, this precious flavor cannot reach its best. After the roasting stage, it is crushed and turned into an intense cream-like paste called cocoa essence. In order for the chocolate paste achieve a perfect consistency and taste; it needs to be rested for 3-4 months before processing. Every chocolate producer has special recipes that it uses in production processes. Balin owes its proven taste of many years to this recipe held under wraps.