Our love for cocoa and chocolate goes a long way back.

Our romance with cocoa and chocolate started in 1994, with Altınmarka Cocoa Plant in Istanbul Esenyurt. The main reason behind our being the 6th largest cocoa producer in the world is that we still smell the unique scent of cocoa with the excitement of the first day. Our Cocoa Plant was followed by Altınmarka Chocolate Plant in 2005, which uses cutting-edge technology in chocolate production.

Today, we have achieved a production structure, which serves as a model to the world in cocoa and chocolate production. Our continuous quality assurance systems, cutting-edge production facilities and advanced R&D services, serve pastry, ice cream, confectionery, dairy products, cake, biscuit and chocolate sectors. As the production partner of the world’s biggest brands, we are exporting to more than 50 countries, all over the world.

While we reap the benefits of our passion for chocolate one by one, we received one of the best news in 2012. The most prestigious organization in chocolate and confectionery sector in Europe, European Candy Kettle Club awarded us with "2012 Best Cocoa and Chocolate Plant in Europe" award. Detay Gıda, which joined our production family in 2009 immediately gained a strong place in the sector, with its young and entrepreneurial makeup. Detay Gıda provides turnkey services to industrial and professional business partners with finished and semi-finished products. As we provide production services for most important brands in Turkey, it didn’t take long for Detay Gıda to attract attention of large brands and producers in the world. We keep serving our customers all over the world with highest quality and efficiency.

Finally in 2012, the newest member of our production family joined us with its long-established history. Balin products were everywhere in bayram, during visits to family and friends, and anywhere nice conversations take place for years. Now, legendary Balin brands are moving forward with confidence, under the roof of Detay Gıda, with newly developed products.